Taurus and Heartbreaks: With Bonus Tips on Handling Breakups

Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus. Taurus is the fixed earth sign and as such is the most rigid sign on the zodiac. People under the Taurus sign are born between 20th April and May 20th. They are widely known to be calm and sweet natured but also very stubborn.

How People Under The Taurus Sign Handle Breakups.

Before we dive into how Taurus people handle breakups, let us quickly examine their character because it plays a significant role on how you interact with each other; not to mention breaking up with them.

(a) They Are Committed.

Taurus people are the most committed when it comes to love and relationships. They give themselves wholly into the relationship without expecting much in return. All a Taurus lover wants is love and appreciation. This doesn’t mean you have a leeway to manipulate them; however much they are in love with you.

(b) Can’t Stand Cheats or Any Form of Disloyalty

Taurus people know what they want in a relationship, that is, loyalty and trust. They will dump you without a second thought if they realize you are cheating on them. They usually take every decision seriously, and you can forget about them changing their mind once they catch you red-handed.

(c) Patient

Taureans get into relationships for long term commitments and are very patient as a result. They try to put up with so much, including avoiding confrontations and things that can jeopardize the relationship. Consequently, trying to break up with them becomes very difficult.

If you are thinking of ending your relationship with a Taurus, take your time to plan it well. Taurus people do not accept change easily, and a breakup is not an exception. Also, If you end up in a confrontation during the breakup, things can get out of hand.

Breaking up with a Taurus is not a walk in the park. You must have a good plan.

1. Respect is Paramount

Taurus value respect in every situation and even more when you are breaking up with them. Remember, they are a ticking time bomb, and any negative triggers will make them explode on you. Avoid using hurtful words when telling them their flaws, or talking of things they could have done to save the relationship. Start by genuinely appreciating the good they brought into the relationship before making it clear that you will no longer be a part of their life.

2. They Can Overreact

When ending a relationship with a Taurus, do so in a quiet private place. A Taurus can get very angry and furious. You do not want to be embarrassed in public when they start roaring like an angry lion. Plus, they are hurting, and breaking up in public places won’t be the best place to explain anything to them as there are too many distractions and noise from the surrounding.

3. Breakups Don’t Change Them.

Taurus people are never changed by relationships or breakups. Even if they date for so long or experience a terrible heartbreak, they will always think and act the same way. When you break up with them, they will still stick to their routine and regular habits. Unfortunately, because of this behavior, they never learn from past relationships or breakups and are likely to break up over the same issue in a new relationship. On the flip side, they can love again with the same intensity.

4. They Find it Difficult to Move on.

Breaking up with Taurus can be difficult for both of you. A Taurean gets anxious just by the thought of a relationship ending—whether they are dumping you or you are dumping them. With them, never expect an instant transition. You may need to meet them a few more times to help them get over you. However, make sure you reduce contact and gradually detach from their lives.

Tips on Handling Breakups

A Taurus sign is definitely a captain of his or her own ship and cannot be easily manipulated. Breakups are not something they can get over with in an instant, though. Please get to know more about how they deal with heartbreaks, and as a bonus, here are the step you can take to tease the ease the situation.

1. Accept It’s Over

Accepting that the relationship is over is not a one-day thing. You will envision your partner coming back, fantasize about the good times you had, and blame yourself at times for the breakup. Despite everything, remind yourself that you have a life to live. Do not be too harsh on yourself if you think of your ex-partner all the time. Their memories will fade as time moves on.

2. Meet New People and Make More Friends

The world is not made up of your ex-partner only. Move out and get to meet people. This does not mean looking for a rebound relationship; make new friends. New friends will give you new and thrilling experiences, and before you realize, your ex will be a story in the past. Of course, once you heal from the breakup, you can date again.