Know the Type of Partner You Are Based on Your Star Sign

New relationships can be fun and intriguing, but many of them also do work out. It is important for romantic partners to know how to love and care for each other. And there is a lot to learn from star signs about the love language of your partner and to gain a deeper insight into who they are as a person. Usually, it is quite easy to get such information. A simple question such as “What is your birthday” is sufficient to know about their star sign, or even check from their dating app profile. The star sign love language provides for a prediction of romantic compatibility with your partner in a very specific way.

We all experience love, it’s just that we express it in different ways. Dr. Gary Chapman the author of, “The Five Love Languages series”, discusses five love languages:

  1. Words of affirmation: affectionate words of praise to your partner is your way of showing love.
  2. Acts of service: you are all about tangible action rather than words.
  3. Giving gifts: spending money on special gifts is your way of showing love. You also appreciate if you receive gifts.
  4. Quality time: you can offer undivided attention to your partner and offer a listening ear to make them feel loved and important.
  5. Physical touch: you love being touched and touching your partner

So, what does your love horoscope say about your love language? Let us find out:


The Aquarius is all about that extra effort and passion. They are not grandiose but appreciate the little acts of caring and sharing.


Pisces are private people choosing to spend time alone to think deeply until they are ready to emerge. They want to spend their time doing the things they love with the people they care about.


The Aries person needs reassurance and affirmation that they are being well received and that what they are doing is appreciated. They usually react impulsively and are not the best for long term strategic thinking.


The Taurus love physical touch in all its glory. They love affectionate kissing, sexual touches, cuddling, hugging, holding hands and all playful touches. It is not just sensual touching but non-sensual as well.


The Gemini is all about quality time holding deep conversations. They are attentive listeners and not fans of small talk.


The Cancer is a deeply committed nurturer of their loved ones, taking great effort and energy to care for their loved ones. However, they are not the most practical people and need support in building things, performing chores or putting things in order.


It is easy to easy to think of the Leo as egotistical or cocky as they are pretty self-confident. They are fiercely loyal and trust that the love they give will be returned in proportions.


Virgos are hardworking people who are passionate about things they find intriguing and connected with. They are planners and perfectionists and are able to execute it well. They strive to make things better their loved ones.


Libras love exchanging gifts and other aesthetically pleasing items. Their love language is all about gifts and being surrounded by intrigues and luxurious items that are pleasing to the eye. As such, they are emotionally attached to gift givers and especially appreciate someone who understands their tastes.


Scorpios are super affectionate people and love to be close to the people they love. While they may not obviously cuddly before knowing them deeply, your Scorpio lover will appreciate hugs, petting and other physical displays of affection.


For the Sagittarius, travelling, new experiences, new places and exciting people is especially energy-infusing. Quality time for them is finding new experience and having great time doing it. To love them, you must be prepared to go all the way.


Capricorns are ambitions and appreciate practical gifts and support to their ambition. Gifts to them are not necessarily material items.