Is it True That Gemini Fall in Love Easily?

Is it True That Geminis Fall in Love Easily?

Gemini is an air sign, and as an air sign they can be very flighty. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet that is associated with the mind. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and has a large influence on ego. This makes the complexity of the Gemini even more complicated. The sign represents “the twins”, and males can often be referred to as having a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality. Female Geminis are more like Glenda the Good Witch vs. the Wicked Witch of the West. Relationship advise can be extremely helpful when it comes to falling in love with this complex sun sign. Sign compatibility is a must when embarking on a relationship with a Gemini.

For relationship advise it is a good idea to look toward your astrological sign. This is one of the best way to deal with the twin Gemini’s personality. Comparing your zodiac sign with theirs can give you some quick tips on what makes them tick. Aries, Aquarius, Libra, and Leo have the best sign compatibility with the Gemini. On the other hand, the least compatible signs are Virgo and Pisces.

Personality Traits of a Gemini That Can Affect Love

  • They are big on communication and love to talk. Sometimes the tendency to talk about themselves can be a bit much for those around them. It can be hard to get a word in once the Gemini gets going.
  • They love a good debate, and a good argument. However, it’s not easy to get them to change their mind once they have already made it up.
  • They are ruled more by their head than their heart.
  • Gemini’s hate being bored and tend to insert themselves into drama, even if it is someone else’s drama.
  • They are consistently curious about new experiences and things.

The Gemini Male in Love

Mercury males are silver tongue devils in disguise. They can charm the pants off someone they are interested in as a romantic partner. The men of Mercury also love a good fight and with their already intense ego, they can be infuriating at times. It can be said that they love to argue just so they can have reason to makeup. This passionate sign is not afraid of PDA, in fact, they love to show off their partners to their friends and family. They move at their own pace, which is unusually quickly. When it comes to love, the Gemini male loves playfulness and spontaneity. They prefer fantasy over reality and enjoy a good time by role-playing. They are very flirty and once they have you interested, Gemini men will reel you in, like a fish on the hook.

The Gemini Female in Love

Her confidence speaks volumes when it comes to seeking a mate. Gemini women hate being alone and always need to have a love interest . She falls in love very quickly, often during a first date. They are so affectionate and giving, they can be extremely hard to resist. She is so flirty she is capable of sweeping a love interest right off their feet. Their strong and intense personality can be overwhelming for other zodiac signs. She is very curious, and loves role playing and fantasy situations in her sexual dance with her partner. Like her counterpart, public displays of affection only serve to excite the female Gemini even more.

Do They Really Fall in Love Quickly?

Without any doubt, a Gemini will fall in love at the drop of a hat. Immediate attraction is all they need to begin building their fantasy world around you. However, they hate to be bored and will do almost anything to spice things up in their bedroom and outside of it. Like their twin, they love drama, both good and bad. One of the biggest drawbacks to the Gemini lover is that they love the ideals of love, yet it can be difficult to hold their interest. If they are bored in the relationship, they fall out of love, almost as quickly as they fell into love. They also have a huge fear of commitment and they have a tendency to cheat. Having another relationship prior to calling it off with their current love interest, ensures them that they will not be alone.

Overall, Gemini’s do fall in love quickly and their affectionate and flirtatious nature makes it hard to resist once they have you in their sights. Seeking relationship advice and sign compatibility are a definite way to help deal with the ups and downs of the Gemini personality. Let the buyer beware on this zodiac sign.