Fall in Love With the Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

When it comes to love we lead with our hearts most of the time. However, certain zodiac signs are more in touch with the art of love than others. From warm and fuzzy feelings to sizzling hot romance, these are the top ten most romantic zodiac signs. So, throw caution to the wind and let the romance bud.


The tenth most romantic zodiac sign is the feisty Aries. Aries like to feel like they are in control most of the time, which can often lead to power struggles in the romance department. Yet, this sign falls right in the middle when it comes to romance. Aries tend to be very impulsive, which means if you love someone that is quite spontaneous, this may be the lover you’ve been searching for.


Libra’s are very social and loving, but sometimes miss the mark when it comes to romance, by just a hair. They tend to avoid any kind of confrontation and prefer peaceful interactions. They also aren’t big on a lot of PDA and enjoy more private forms of intimacy.


You may not think of Scorpio as a romantic sign, but they are actually quite romantic. They are all in when it comes to relationships and love. Their biggest draw back Is that they have a jealous streak and can be overly sensitive if they feel like the love of their life is messing around. Scorpios like to talk, so if you want to see the romantic side of this sign, prepare to speak up.


The lion is on the prowl for romance and love all the drama that comes with it. They are very direct and stubborn, going after their romantic interest until they have captured their heart. They do not give up easily. Their love for the dramatic can lead to with lots of breakup and makeup sessions. They can be kind of shy in social situations, so their romantic gestures are usually only one on one.


Taurus sun signs are very romantic and emotional. They love the idea of love and don’t have a problem showing it. They a love to make big romantic gestures and surprises for their love interests but are also happy to cuddle up on the couch for a special private evening. They have great imaginations, but like to have things planned out, so spontaneity isn’t one of their strong suits.


The very romantic Sagittarius is in a relationship for the long haul. When they fall in love, they take it seriously. They tend to be very overprotective though. They enjoy their freedom and individuality and value the same in their romantic partner. They are very free spirited and always willing to just go with the flow.


Romance with a Cancer is very intense, as is their personality. They are the second most loyal sign of the zodiac. The emotional Cancer can’t help but fall in love hard. They will try anything new if they feel it is exciting and fun. They crave love and deep down are quite old-fashioned. They will also surprise their love with how sentimental they can be. They are very loving and caring as well.


The passionate Capricorn dreams of love and commitment. They are very traditional and once they have found “the one”, they won’t stray. They are super honest and expect the same from their romantic counterpart. They are highly organized and will never forget an anniversary or birthday. They are all about growth and into growing together as a couple. Their take relationships seriously and desire to be with someone that has that mindset as well.


Virgo’s are super kind and caring, and they are hot when it comes to pleasing their romantic partner. They will go overboard to show their love for someone, yet they still go out of their way with littler gestures just to remind you how much they love you. They compliment their lover’s often and notice each and every detail in order to ensure the person they love feels special. They love touching, holding hands, and gentle romantic kisses in front of the fire.


The most romantic sign in the zodiac is Pisces. Their love burns bright and the romance is always sizzling hot. Passion is their specialty and they are confident enough to show it. Pisces will go the extra mile to show how romantic and into their lover they are. Their loving nature never fails to turn a stone-cold heart to mush with simple words and deeds. Love is their game and they play hard. They will turn any romantic gesture into a literal fairy tale for their love. They dream big and go for what they want, and if they want you, chances are you will be hard pressed to turn them away.